BuyITCert partnership overall

BuyITCert is a term providing the solution of exam consult, we also are the authorized reseller of several training center.

How our partners benefit with BuyITCert:

Brand recognition: BuyITCert’s name is recognized throughout the industry for quality.
Competitive product advantage: Our products are updated regularly.
Extensive portfolio: Multiple products increase your opportunity and adds cross-selling potential.
Customer support: Your customers get access to our support channels, adding value to their experience.

Authorized Partner Requirements:

A structured plan to proactively seek opportunities to market and sell BuyITCert’s products and courses.
Commitment to provide your clients with quality sales and support experiences.
Timely follow-up on sales leads that may be provided by BuyITCert.

Up to 25% commission!

The is the reseller profit on BuyITCert, once you are our clients of BuyITCert, you can be our authorized reseller and enjoy up to 20%.

For Global Price(USD$) we offer up to 25% of commission of services.

For USD$(all Reseller must excess USD$10000 tom start for reward, we will pay for 15% for first USD$10000)
Monthly rate USD$0 – $5000: 20%
Monthly rate USD$10001 – 10000: 25%
Monthly rate USD$10000 – 19999 above: 30%
Monthly rate USD$20000 above: 35%

If the monthly rate keep 3 month in 25% OR 35% field, the rate will not drop down any more.
The reward must be in website and it is not allow self-rewarded.
For started the partnership, you should satrt at USD$10000 sales(we will rewarded the commission of First USD$10000)
Monthly mean start from 1st – the last date of the month.